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October 2018

Jewish Community Centre

The JCC Kosher supermarket is fully stocked with all your kosher grocery needs and more. We have over 2000 products in stock ranging from dry groceries, deli & dairy to premium meats & poultry. We aim to be a one stop shop and strive to continually bring exciting new products to the Koshermart.



Monday - Thursday

10.30am to 7.00pm


9.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays

9.00am to 5:00pm


Empire Chicken

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special offers

Bulk Offers


1 case UFC Refresh Coconut Water, 12 x 1 litre: Now: HK$372.-. You save HK$42.-

1 case Jeeva King Coconut Water, 12 x 350 ml: Now: HK$192.-. You save HK$30.-

1 case Bonaqua Mineralized Water, 24 x 770 ml: Now: HK$100.-. You save HK$20.-

1 case Bonaqua Mineralized Water, 12 x 1.5 litre: Now: HK$80.-. You save HK$16.-


Big Reductions


Lieber’s Mandarin Oranges, 312 g. Was: HK$20.-, Now: HK$10.-

Lieber’s Red Kidney Beans, 439 g. Was: HK$18.-, Now: HK$10.-

Pereg Kabab Mixed Spices, 150 g. Was: HK$49.-, Now: HK$29.-

Mishpacha Elbows Pasta, 454 g. Was: HK$29.-, Now: HK$19.-

Manischewitz Bow-Tie Pasta, 198 g. Was: HK$39.-, Now: HK$29.-

Manischewitz Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix, 425 g. Was: HK$90.-, Now: HK$45.-

XO Baking Gluten-Free Corn Bread Mix, 453 g. Was: HK$60.-, Now: HK$30.-


J & J Whipped Cream Cheese, 227 g. Was: HK$68.-, Now: HK$34.-

Mehadrin Fit’n Free Cottage Cheese, 454 g. Was: HK$87.-, Now: HK$65.-

N & K Brie Cheese, 198 g. Was: HK$98.-, Now: HK$50.-

N & K Camembert Cheese, 198 g. Was: HK$98.-, Now: HK$50.-

Hod Golan Mexican Brand Smoked Turkey Breast, 142 g. Was: HK$59.-, Now: HK$30.-

Bird’s Eye Artichoke Hearts, 255 g. Was: HK$57.-, Now: HK$30.-


Savion Fancy Fruit Slices, 170 g. Was: HK$36.-, Now: HK$18.-

Old Williamsburg Bourbon Whiskey, 375 ml. Was: HK$299.-, Now: HK$99.-

new this month



Ephod Winery, 2016 Ebiatar, 750 ml,  HK$600

Ephod Winery, 2016 Regesh, 750 ml,  HK$400

Ephod Winery, 2016 Gesher, 750 ml,  HK$350

Ephod Winery, 2017 Tal Rosé,750 ml, HK$350

Angostura Grenadine Syrup, 1 litre, HK$60

Kraft Mayo Light, 15 oz, HK$32

Kraft Miracle Whip, 12 oz, HK$30

Dagim Hot & Zesty Tuna, 170 g, HK$27

brands we stock