Family & individual JCC memberships are available for Hong Kong residents with membership bringing many benefits whilst using the JCC.

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How to join the JCC ?

If you belong to one of the recognised Membership categories you can join the JCC and simply pay a one off joining fee and a monthly subscription fee. If you do not belong to any of the  recognised Membership  categories you can still join the JCC but need to pay an additional Annual fee. We also offer a special reduced membership fee to overseas university students or interns who are in Hong Kong.

How much is the joining fee ?

For a family the joining fee is HK$1200

For a single person the joining fee is HK$600

How much is the monthly membership fee ?

The monthly membership fee is presently HK$650  per month

A $200 spending rebate is given to  members that spend a minimum of $200 per month at the JCC

 (Rebate only applicable to JCC F&B / Koshermart spending charged to members autopay account  & does not apply to spending collected on behalf of third parties)

What other costs are there ?

We will also charge HK$150 per Membership Card issued

Who needs a Membership Card ?

Each adult members will need a card and any driver or domestic helper that requires access to the JCC.

How to pay the monthly fee ?

We require that all JCC members have an autopay account setup in order for us to collect the monthly membership fee together with any  spending that you have at the JCC.  Members are required to set up a direct debit with a Hong Kong bank and settle in full all outstanding balances each month.

What & how much can I charge to my JCC Autopay account ?

You may charge any JCC related purchase to your JCC autopay account up to the monthly limit that you have set up on your direct debit authorisation with your bank. The JCC will send you a comprehensive statement of your spending  the first week of the following month and collect from your account on the third week of that month. You will only be permitted to charge to  your autopay facilty if your balance is settled in full each month & the account balance remains within the preset spending limit that you have set with your bank.

Application Form & Bank Direct Debit Form

You may collect an application form from JCC reception and return your completed application form to  

the JCC reception in a sealed envelope.

We can also email you an application form please email us at:






This category is for parents who have children attending Carmel or Elsa High School


This category is for a Jewish person who is either an intern in a Hong Kong business or a full time student at a Hong Kong university.

A monthly fee of HK$100 is payable in advance & the joining fee is waived.

($200 monthly rebate is not available)

For the recognised membership  categories you do not need to pay an annual fee.



This category is for Jewish persons who wish to join the JCC without joining a congregation or do not have children attending Carmel or Elsa High School. An additional annual fee of HK$4500 is payable in advance.


This category is for Non Jewish persons who have links with the Jewish Community & wish to have full access to the JCC in their own right . An annual additional fee of HK$4500 is payable in advance.

membership benefits

Discounted prices in our Restaurants when using your autopay account

Discounted prices & priority access to JCC Programmes & Events

Easy & simple access to the JCC with JCC smart access card

Access to JCC Event & Meeting facilities

Access to the Sports Club & Health Facilities

Access to the JCC Swimming Pool & Saunas

Free parking whilst at the JCC

Monthly Credit Facilty

& more

STUDENT membership

Full time students studying at Hong Kong Universities or Interns at a Hong Kong business may apply for a special membership rate & enjoy all the benefits of JCC membership at an affordable price.

A monthly fee of HK$100 is payable in advance & the joining fee is waived.

For the above categories you do not need to pay an annual fee.

Monthly spending rebate is not available in this category.

Student / Intern  membership is only valid whilst studying at a Hong Kong university / company